Once, there was a potato called Pote Ate O. He had two other potato neighbours, on the right it was Poat Ate O. and on the left it was Poo. One day a farmer came and took a plot of land nearby for his farming. The farmer was the same farmer from one of the previous stories, How Pork was Discovered, and he was called Farm Er.

So one day there was a great famine (again). Farm Er’s son, Er Farm, was desperately searching for food while Farm Er laid in his own bed, listening to his MP3 and enjoying the cool breeze of the air conditioner… ahh… …

Anyway, Er Farm suddenly saw the potato plants. He cried out in delight and took the potatoes home. However the whole family of Er’s disliked potatoes and although it was the only food they could find they refused to eat it. So Er Farm got caned. Unfortunately the cane accidentally hit his funny bone and it was so painful but Er Farm still burst out laughing. “Ha ha ha, he he he, HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHhohohoHOHOHOhohodshaih ui rhuihriahi~!!haohcui1huihUI! uic!!!!” Farm Er’s wife, Wyfe, got so angry because she thought that Er Farm was thinking of clowns while she was caning him that she took up the chopper and chopped his head off. The blood spilled onto the potatoes making them red in colour. “Ooh apples!” Wyfe looked at the red potatoes and forgot all about her anger to Er Farm. She kicked Er Farm’s body away and started cooking the apples (she wanted to make Kentucky Fried Apples) and she chopped them into pieces. She added some other weird ingredients and TADAHH!!!

She ate them and it did not taste like KFA and she later realised that she had cooked potatoes. She called the food potato chips because she wanted to call them potato chips.

The end.

(Sorry, this story is not as funny as the previous ones…) =.=”